Sizing Guide

About The Sizing

A ‘Rani’s Circle is based on a simple Circle.  There are 2 double-overlocked armholes. You simply put it on like a sleeveless jacket. You wear whatever suits the seasons underneath your Circle Wrap. Straight, simple garments are the best whether they be a straight dress, pants, leggings, active wear, or jeans as well as T-shirts are ideal

In Winter, wear long sleeves or thermals under, layer under and over your ‘Rani’s Circle’.

In Summer you can wear short or no sleeves. You can choose to float or wrap your ‘Circle’ around you. Float the Wrap over your shoulders for a soft, pretty and cool protection from the sun or cool night or air conditioning. Roll the collar for a sleeveless style. Can be worn as a skirt or sarong for beach or resort wear.

Wear this convertible wrap over your most comfortable clothes. A ‘Rani’s Circle’ has a soft fit that is extremely flattering!

Instant glamor – Instant freedom!


‘Rani’s Circle are sized across the back and around the arms. Their length is usually around the same. 80-84 cm (30-33 inches) from the nape of the neck to the back of the upper leg in the Dress Length and approx. 10’ or 26cm shorter when worn in the Short Length. Some stretch fabrics fall longer and some non-stretch fabrics (chiffons) do not. Sometimes I make them longer and sometimes shorter depending on my take on the fabric involved.

Worn in the Dress Length a Rani’s Circle will dip at the back and fall straight down from the shoulder blades. This gives a most practical, pretty and feminine look. There is usually 80-84 cm (30-33 inches) from the nape of the neck to the back of the upper leg. Once again it will depend on the stretch in the fabric.

Worn in the Short Length (rotated upside down so the ‘Rani’s Circle’ label is now upside down). This gives you a shorter swing jacket that will go to around the bottom of your bottom or thereabouts. You now also have a longer collar that can be rolled or scarfed around the neck or thrown over your shoulders for a fuller cover.

Standard Sizes

Small – Size 8-10

Medium- Size 12-14

Large- Size 16-18

X Large- Size 20-22

XX Large- Size 24+

XXX Large- Made to order