Elegant, Versatile & Flattering

Get Ready For Going Places

A ‘Rani’s Circle’ can be wrapped, draped, brooched, belted, floated and fluttered

into over 25 beautiful styles.

Come and explore the fine fabrics, brooches and wonderful designs of this

amazing and convertible wrap for women.



Explore 25 Elegant & Flattering Styles with a ‘Rani’s Circle Wrap’

Rani’s Circle is a unique Australian Design Concept, a garment that can be wrapped, draped, brooched, belted, tied and floated into many beautiful styles suitable for our modern lifestyle.

Versatile, practical and beautiful, they can be worn as a wrap, a dress, a float-over or an overlay, a jacket, a vest, a cloak or a cape, a swing top, a tie top, a scarf, a sarong and a skirt and more…

With a simple flip, wrap or roll this Circle Wrap can transform and create a world of choice and style.

For High Fashion, Travel Wear, Street Wear and even Maternity – For all ages, seasons and cultures. For all women.

From the Opera to the Ocean, from the Office to Out and About!

Handmade and Limited Editions from light and fine Silks, Wools, Bamboo, Laces and Knits.

Explore with us, the wonderful styles and beautiful fabrics

of Rani’s Circle’ Amazing Convertible Wraps

for Women.